Alla Pavlova

  • Riot Games, Tech Talent Recruitment
  • Amsterdam
  • Computer Software
Python · Running · Slack API · Communications · Future of Work · Slack Bots · Space-Science · Startup · Artificial Intelligence · Gamedev · Community Building

About Me

Hello from Amsterdam! I’m Alla, Tech Recruiter and Sourcer, always in search of great talent and nice place to run. I was lucky to be a part of the great journeys of Miro, Viber, Dott, Blendle, Relive, and others. Currently building teams in Riot Games. You will most likely find me hacking sourcing tools, programming on Scratch or playing computer games. I’m fascinated by curious, open-minded, and eager to learn people. Passionate about engaging tech enthusiasts, creating fun and unique tech communities, talks and workshops. Should you see any common interests feel free to drop me a line.