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Hey! Welcome to the Slack Community: Chandigarh.

Slack Community: Chandigarh is a group of enthusiastic people who are either the developers, designers, creators, product managers, admins, or just the Slack enthusiasts who are interested in building the future of work and technology.

Our main goal is to share knowledge about the technologies, new platform releases, encourage people to innovate, design, and develop with and for the enhancement of technologies. We focus on building up different skills among people and also getting the most out of the Slack by sharing our different experiences, engaging with the speakers of different fields, hosting interesting discussions over trending topics, leadership talks, sharing a mutual passion for emerging technologies and enjoying general chit-chat about what each other is learning and building.

Here's a bonus that we don't only talk about technologies, building, and learning, we also organize general networking, social and get together meetups where one can know each other and work collaboratively.

Don't worry, if you are a beginner. If you have the enthusiasm to learn, explore, and work on technologies, we are here to help you become a techie.

We understand what Chandigarh people are enthusiastic about, let's bridge the gap between the experts and learners and become a stepping stone for more astonishing innovations.

Join this Slack Community group and share your insights on Slack.

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