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Slack & Gen AI: Streamline Workflows in Slack


Jul 27, 10:30 – 11:30 AM



Virtual event
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Hello Slack Enthusiasts,

Join us for an insightful event on "Slack & Gen AI: Streamline Workflows in Slack," featuring two distinguished speakers from Troopr Labs: Rajesh Shanmugam, CEO, and Sreyam Dasgupta, AI Lead. This event will delve into the transformative potential of integrating Generative AI with Slack to enhance team productivity and streamline workflows.

Event Highlights:

Automating Routine Tasks:

Learn how Gen AI can handle scheduling, reminders, and other repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time for your team to focus on strategic activities.

Enhancing Communication:

Discover the benefits of AI-powered chatbots that provide instant responses to common queries, reducing communication delays and improving efficiency.

Streamlining Information Retrieval:

See how Gen AI ensures quick access to relevant documents, past conversations, and other necessary resources, keeping your team well-informed and efficient.

Customizing Workflow Automation:

Explore the creation of customized workflows that integrate seamlessly with other tools and platforms your organization uses, ensuring a cohesive and productive working environment.


Rajesh Shanmugam, CEO of Troopr Labs:

Rajesh brings a wealth of experience in leveraging AI technologies to enhance business operations. He will share insights on the strategic importance of integrating Gen AI with Slack and how it can drive significant productivity gains.

Sreyam Dasgupta, AI Lead of Troopr Labs:

Sreyam, a leading expert in AI, will delve into the technical aspects of implementing Gen AI in Slack. He will demonstrate real-world applications and discuss the latest advancements in AI-driven automation and communication enhancement.

Gurram Poorna Prudhvi ,Lead ML Engineer of :

Gurram Prudhvi is a Lead ML Engineer at with a strong expertise in machine learning, natural language processing, and backend engineering. He is dedicated to harnessing technology to address complex challenges and drive innovation. 

Who Should Attend:

  • Team leaders and managers looking to enhance productivity
  • IT and AI professionals interested in the latest AI applications
  • Slack users aiming to optimize their workflow
  • Anyone interested in the future of workplace collaboration and automation




  • Gurram Poorna Prudhvi

    Lead ML Engineer

  • Sreyam Dasgupta

    AI Lead

  • Rajesh Shanmugam

    Troopr Labs, Inc.



  • Raj Shanmugam

    Troopr Labs Inc

    Community Lead

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Saturday, July 27, 2024
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM UTC


Introduction to Slack Community
Session by Sreyam Das Gupta on Introduction of GenAI & Automation
Session by Gurram about RAG and its business use cases
Session By Rajesh on Slack & Gen AI: Streamline Workflows in Slack
Q&A Session

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