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Dreamforce 2023 Recap: Slack AI & Slack for Hybrid Teams


Air University, E9, Islamabad, 44000

Nov 17, 2023, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM



In-person event

Hello Slack Enthusiasts,

Join us on November 17th, 2023, for an exciting event by Slack Community Islamabad We'll dive deep into the highlights and insights from Dreamforce 2023, the AI event of the year.

The AI event of the year was packed full of innovation, inspiration, and fun. We saw how the power of Data + AI + CRM + Trust can change your business. It was a monumental three days but the learning, the power, and the magic keep going on Salesforce+ — anytime, anywhere, and all for free.

At this gathering, we'll dive deep into the highlights and insights from Dreamforce 2023, the AI event of the year. Discover how Slack AI leverages native AI capabilities to accelerate productivity and helps teams track work in the flow of collaboration with Slack lists.

Even though Dreamforce 2023 has concluded, the learning and empowerment continue on Salesforce+—accessible anytime, anywhere, and absolutely free. Don't miss this opportunity to catch up on groundbreaking innovations, relive inspiring keynotes, and share surprising moments with fellow community members.

Event Highlights:

🌟 Relive the highlights of Dreamforce 2023 and its impact on professionals.

🔗 Explore how Slack transforms communication and collaboration for business success.

🤝 Learn how to integrate Slack with Salesforce and other key tools.

💼 Boost your professional journey with insights from industry experts.

💡 Discover the latest trends and innovations in business technology.

📊 Get a sneak peek into the future of work and productivity.

👥 Network with professionals, share experiences, and forge valuable connections.

Key Capabilities Announced:

Channel ReCaps: Summarizing highlights of discussions in a channel.

Thread Summaries: Explore the value of this feature and how often it will be used.

Search Answers: A major update of search capabilities leveraging Generative AI.

Slack Lists: Automation and becoming a digital work hub.

Let's join forces to ensure the resounding success of this inaugural event. We're looking forward to your participation! 🌟

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Connect with us:

@slack_community @SlackHQ #SlackCommunityIslamabad #SlackIslamabad #Dreamforce2023



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  • Alisha Naqvi


  • Mashal Ashfaque

    AZM Development

    Full Stack Developer

  • Maryam Shahzad

    Ejad Labs | CBWN

    Partnerships & Operations

  • Usman Khan


    Senior Data Engineer

  • Hassaan Nadeem


    Senior Community & Partnerships Manager

  • Usman Aslam


    Senior Growth & Ecosystem Partnerships

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Friday, November 17, 2023
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM UTC

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