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Getting Started with Slack Workflow Builder: A Beginner's Workshop


May 25, 12:30 – 1:30 AM



Virtual event

Hello Slack Enthusiasts,

Grab a coffee and join us for our first Slack Saturday event, as we dive into the world of Slack without writing a single line of code! Join us for a beginner-friendly workshop featuring our guest speaker, Daniel Sanchez from 21b, who will introduce you to the magic of automating your workday with Slack's Workflow Builder. Perfect for those new to Slack or looking to leverage the platform's automation capabilities, this event is your first step towards a more efficient and streamlined workday.

What to Expect:

- Introduction to Slack Workflow Builder: Discover what Slack's Workflow Builder is and how it can transform your daily tasks by automating routine processes and improving team communication—no coding knowledge required.

- Building Your First Workflow: Follow along with Daniel as he guides you through creating your very first Slack workflow. You'll learn how to set up triggers, actions, and conditions that tailor the workflow to your specific needs.

- Interactive Q&A Session:  Have questions about Workflow Builder? Daniel is here to answer them. This live Q&A session is your opportunity to get clarity on any aspects of starting with Slack's automation tools.

- Live Demonstrations: See the Workflow Builder in action with live demonstrations from Daniel. These practical examples will showcase the tool's potential and inspire you to create your own workflows.

- Tips for Success: Benefit from Daniel's insights as he shares best practices for using the Workflow Builder effectively. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and make the most out of your Slack automation.

- Connect with Other Slack Users: Network with other participants who are also exploring the capabilities of Slack Workflow Builder. Share your ideas, experiences, and even future project plans in a friendly and collaborative environment.

This workshop is ideal for anyone looking to simplify their work life with Slack's powerful automation tools. Whether you're a project manager, a team member seeking to improve productivity, or simply curious about what Slack can do for you, this event promises to provide a solid foundation in using the Workflow Builder.

Sign up now and take the first step towards mastering Slack's Workflow Builder, making your workday more productive, and your team collaboration smoother than ever before!




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