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Slack Canvas Workshop


Jul 11, 12:00 – 1:00 AM



Virtual event

Hello Slack Enthusiasts,

This online Sydney Slack Community Workshop on Slack Canvas will cover a comprehensive range of topics designed to cater to both new and experienced users. Slack Canvas is a feature in Slack designed to help teams organise information and collaborate more effectively. It serves as a flexible and customisable digital workspace where users can create, share, and maintain content right within Slack.

Agenda for this hands on event below:

Introduction to Slack Canvas: Understanding the Basics

  • Overview of Slack Canvas and its importance in enhancing team collaboration.
  • Navigating the Slack Canvas interface: A step-by-step guide and introduction to Canvas templates
  • Creating your first Canvas: Basic elements and functionalities.

In-depth exploration of advanced formatting options and customisation features.

  • Tips and tricks for effective Canvas organization.
  • Automating tasks and information flow within Canvases.
  • Integrating Slack Canvas with Other Tools and Workflows

Best practices for integrating Slack Canvas with third-party applications and services.

  • Enhancing project management and workflow automation using Slack Canvas.
  • Collaboration and Communication Strategies Using Slack Canvas

Strategies for improving team communication and collaboration through effective use of Canvases.

  • Case studies on how different teams use Slack Canvas for daily operations, meetings, and project tracking.
  • Managing permissions and sharing Canvases with team members and external stakeholders.
  • Using Slack Canvas with third parties in Slack Connect and manage projects.

Case Studies: Innovative Uses of Slack Canvas in Various Industries

  • Real-world examples showcasing how Bryd is leveraging Slack Canvas to solve unique challenges.
  • Insights into how Slack Canvas supports remote work, agile project management, and cross-functional collaboration.
  • Lessons learned from successful implementations of Slack Canvas.

Workshop and Interactive Sessions

  • Hands-on exercises to apply what you've learned in practical scenarios.
  • Group activities to explore creative uses of Slack Canvas.

Finally - Q&A Session with Slack Experts

  • An open forum for attendees to ask questions, seek advice, and discuss challenges they've faced while using Slack Canvas.
  • Expert insights on best practices, future trends, and advice on maximising the potential of Slack Canvas in various work environments.

Slack Canvas can either replace simpler documentation, task management, and meeting tools or complement more complex systems by integrating and summarising key information within Slack, enhancing both accessibility and collaboration.

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    Bryd Consulting PTE LTD

    Co-founder at Bryd

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