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Welcome and we are super glad you wish to join us! This is an exciting opportunity to meet and network with fellow builders, developers, creatives, designers, PMs, CEOs, entrepreneurs and everyone else who is passionate about building your new HQ on the Slack platform. We will discuss best practices, tips and tricks, resources, and much more to help build the best possible solutions for the future of work.

So, what’s in it for you?

Entrepreneurs: Provide more networking opportunities for you to meet other fellow entrepreneurs and help grow your new company through increased exposure, new channels and meeting potential new customers.

CEOs: Understand the benefits Slack brings your company and it helps replace email and other outdated methodologies from the previous era to enable your company to move faster.

Developers: Learn the latest building tools, API’s and bots to help create the next generation of processes and platforms at your company. Meet fellow builders and create lasting connections.

Designers: Provide a platform to rapidly prototype and exchange ideas with designers at other startups and companies.

PMs: Network with fellow PM’s and discuss latest agile methodologies on Slack. Provide the best in class products and learn success stories from others in the industry.

Users: Learn more about Slack features and how to utilise them to your best potential. Improve your understanding of Slack learning about workflows, apps and how to get the most out of this amazing product.

Topics to cover?

In addition to the above, we want this platform to be made for YOU. We wish to cover the latest best practices, tools and methodologies within Slack and to enable your success on the platform through increased automation, enable you to move faster and to meet other users passionate about the product and it is to be a mix of building on and using Slack.

How often is it happening?

We will schedule regular meetings every other month and will invite guest speakers from other Slack Community chapters as well as from other companies.


Please contact us anytime for any feedback from our events and any ideas you might have. We are always listening to our users and use this to improve ourselves in the future.

Thank you for your time and once again, welcome!



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