In-person events have been temporarily suspended

To ensure the safety of chapter leaders, members and local communities during the Covid-19 outbreak, we have suspended all in-person community events. All community leaders have been encouraged to host their events virtually during this time.



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Join this Slack Platform Community group to connect with other developers, builders, designers, and product managers who are interested in building the future of work. We get together to talk about what we’ve built, check out new platform releases, and learn from each other.

To developers - it is a chance to explore a new platform for building soft and bots to automate and improve the workflows in the company.

To project managers - if you are leading a team, Slack will become your best platform for internal communication. But it also has lots of features for external communication with the teams of your vendors or partners.

To business owners of small and medium enterprise - check our events to find out how to speed up collaboration in your team and become better.

To C-level execs of big companies - there are a lot of tools inside Slack that will easily substitute outdated soft in your company for the internal team and project management, for your IT and marketing department, as well as other parts of your company.

To Slack users - let's dive into the new tools and features of Slack to learn what other opportunities it has for us ;)

-- We will be organising remote and (hopefully soon!) hybrid meetups for the local community in Tbilisi where we will invite the guests from other chapters of Slack Community around the world as well as professionals that will help us explain how to use Slack as the platform for better work.

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There are no upcoming events at the moment. Please check again soon.

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